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Application Knowledge

A Nationwide Partnership: ICS have installed critical temperature control systems in over 20 of the most prestigious buildings in England and Wales. A partnering relationship has led to an understanding of how reliable and accurate temperature controls are vital when looking after some of the nation’s treasures.

ICS have worked with the client to create a finely tuned system specification to meet their critical environmental needs. ICS are able to connect remotely to any building for immediate diagnosis of issues, or to make alterations to control strategies installed on-site.

Integration in the Health Sector: In 2002, ICS completed a fully integrated project for a major Hospital. Highlights include the security system (movement detectors), informing the temperature control system when areas are no longer occupied. This enables heating systems to be turned off and energy savings made.

The CCTV is linked to the access control, enabling cameras to automatically position themselves on staff entering and leaving the building. The intruder system is linked to the access control for arming and disarming functionality. All this uses the existing IT infrastructure of the hospital to reduce installation.

Critical temperature control systems
Integration in to HospitalsIntegration in to presigious buildings

Integrated control systems require in-depth knowledge of how a building operates. ICS understands the priorities of a military base, the mission of a stately home, and the culture of a healthcare facility.

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